Founded in 1987, School of Pharmacy, one of the earliest departments in China Pharmaceutical University, is mainly engaged in the teaching and scientific study of R&D and application of chemical medicine. A great many eminent experts and professors have made significant contributions to the development of the school,such as academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Peng Sixun, medicinal chemist Liao Qingjiang, Pharmaceutical scientist Liu Guojie, and pharmaceutical analyst An Dengkui.    


       School of Pharmacy has 190 staff members, including 141full-time teachers, 98.6% of whom are doctoral degree holders. It has 44 professors, 3 distinguished research fellows, 47associate professors, and 3 distinguished research associates. The senior staff accounts for 68.8% of all. There are 51doctoral supervisors, 46master’s supervisors and 5 part-time tutors. School of Pharmacy has a team composed of many renowned scholars, including Changjiang Distinguished Professor (1), Changjiang Chair Professor (1), National Science Fund Distinguished Young Scholar (1), National Renowned Teacher (1), “Ten Thousand Talents Plant” prestigious teacher (1), National Outstanding Teachers (2), State Council Expert for Special Allowance (2), Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education of China (7), Outstanding Young and Mid-Aged Expert of Jiangsu Province (1), Distinguished Teacher of Jiangsu Province (1), Jiangsu Youth Five Four Medal winner (1), Distinguished Professor of Jiangsu (5), Jiangsu Recruitment Program of Leading Creative and Entrepreneurial Team (2), Jiangsu Recruitment Program of Leading Creative and Entrepreneurial Talents (2), Outstanding Discipline Echelon of Jiangsu (2), Jiangsu “Qing Lan Project” innovation team (3), and other talents cultivation program scholars (50). In 2016, School of Pharmacy was awarded as Advanced Education Unit of Jiangsu Province.

        Discipline Construction

         Currently School of Pharmacy has 5 doctoral programs and 6 master programs, with  national key disciplines in Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Analysis. Both Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutics have been awarded as the Outstanding Discipline Echelon of Jiangsu many times. Among 5 undergraduate programs (Science Base of Basic Pharmacy, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Preparation, Pharmaceutical Analysis and Medicinal Chemistry), Pharmacy, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Preparation are awarded as National Characteristic Specialty. In 2015, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Preparation were shortlisted in the Brand specialty construction project of Jiangsu Province.  

          As one of the key construction units of “Project 211” of the university, School of Pharmacy has undertaken two programs of the third phase projects of “Project 211”, namely “Key Scientific Problems in Discovery Research of Innovative Drugs” and “Design of Pharmaceutical Preparation and Key Technique of its Industrialized Production”. It has been playing a leading role in the Jiangsu superior discipline of higher education project, and made a great contribution to the construction and development of the discipline of pharmacy.


          School of Pharmacy lays great emphasis on the R&D of new drugs and the combination of basic research and applied research. Organizing and undertaking key programs both state-level and provincial level has successfully prompted a long-term research and development of new drugs and contributes to the improvement of  research capacity. Under independent research and development, Wogonin, a first class national new drug, has been approved of Phase I and Phase II clinical study. School of Pharmacy endeavors to promote the construction of Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Drug and Optimization, Jiangsu Nano Drug Research and Evaluation Platform and Jiangsu Semi-synthetic Antibiotics Research Center, which provides a good platform for the scientific research of the faculty.  

         Over the last five years, School of Pharmacy has made numerous achievements in innovative research, such as one second prize of State Science and Technology Progress Award, two first, second and third prize respectively of Provincial and Ministerial Level Science and Technology Progress Awards, six National Major Scientific and Technological Special Projects, two major programs and 39 general and youth programs of National Natural Science Foundation of China, nine Doctoral Programs of Higher Education of Specialized Research Fund, 39 projects of Jiangsu Natural Science Fund, and four projects supported by Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University. The amount of research fund on the account has reached 0.23 billion yuan, and there are more than 900 papers that have been selected by Science Citation Index(SCI).

         Teaching Reform

          Over the years, School of Pharmacy has attached great importance to the research and reform in teaching. It has made numerous achievements in academic excellence, including teaching reform of state level, provincial and ministerial level and school level (26), National Boutique Resource Sharing Course (3), National Video-based Open Course (1), National Bilingual Demonstration Course (3), National renowned teacher (1), national quality textbook (1), national quality courses (3), state-level teaching team (1), second prize of national teaching achievements awards (1), provincial level teaching team (1), and special prize of provincial level teaching achievements awards (1). It has established a National Pharmacy Experimental and Teaching Demonstration Center, which is appointed the leading unit of national pharmaceutical group by Ministry of Education. With the initiation and development of 15 simulation training and teaching software, the center was approved as National Virtual Experiment and Teaching Center for the first batch in 2014. In 2015, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics were approved as Jiangsu Characteristic Brand Specialty of the 13th Five-year Plan.


           Currently, School of Pharmacy has 3,182 students, including 267 doctoral students, 1,112 master students and 1,803 bachelor students. With a primary mission of strengthening morality and fostering talents and guided by the principle of being meticulous in routine work, being aggressive in hard work and being innovative in characteristic work, the Party Committee of the school endeavors to further strengthen the education and management of students, innovate the financial aid system and promote high quality employment for the graduates. Over the years, our graduates have been highly praised and favored by the employers, and the employment rate of graduates has reached 99.41%. The employment rate of doctors, masters and bachelors was 99.79%, 99.62% and 98.82% respectively.  


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