Practical ability is the core competence for pharmacy students. School of Pharmacy encourages students to participate in extracurricular innovative research projects, taking advantage of the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Pharmacy, the National Experimental Teaching Center for Pharmacy Stimulation, the National Innovative Talent Training Zone, the Innovative Program for College Students, National Teaching Team, and the Experimental Bilingual Teaching Program. Increasing investment has been given to the experimental centers, which has been playing an exemplary role nationwide of the system of management and experimental teaching reform.  
          Strengthen the foundation of experimental teaching to build fist-class education platform. School of Pharmacy has an area of 6000 square meters for experiments and teaching, equipped with advanced large-scale instruments and equipments such as LC/MS and multimedia facilities, with fixed assets valued about 80 million RMB. The experimental teaching center was organized separately with 21 staffs, who undertake 450,000 teaching hours of the university per year. Our school has two National Experimental Teaching Centers, the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Pharmacy, the National Experimental Teaching Center for Pharmacy Stimulation, two Provincial Experimental Teaching Centers of Jiangsu, three National Engineering Practice Centers and more than 20 practice bases. The school has published the first set of Pharmacy Experiments and its bilingual version. The second edition of the bilingual version are wildly used and popularized now, and has been elected as National Planned Textbook of the Eleventh and Twelfth Five-Year Plan.
           Persist in the tradition of experimental teaching and cultivate students’ practical innovative ability. For many years, the school developed and enriched the “five musts” tradition in experimental teaching to cultivate pharmaceutical talents with both practical and research ability.
           1.    Professors must supervise experiments. A large corps of national renowned and excellent teachers and doctoral supervisors in the school persist in teaching the experiments courses themselves to offer their practical experience to the students.
           2.   Laboratories must be available for undergraduates. In order to improve the students’ practical abilities and make the best use of our research resources, all of our students have the accesses to all the national and provincial key labs
           3.   Must keep an equal balance between theoretical and practical courses. The school has developed a experimental teaching talent cultivation plan with a combination of scientificity, integration and innovation.
          4.   Must arrange low-density experimental teaching with one-student or two-student experiment team to improve students’independent experiment design and operation ability.
          5.   Must promote international vision with bilingual experimental teaching model. The school offers 168 bilingual courses and has published the first set of bilingual version of Experimental Teaching, which has been used by many medical and pharmaceutical colleges and universities.
           Based on profound practical and teaching experience, the school made application of the Construction and Implementation of The New System for Comprehensive Practice Teaching of Pharmacy, which has won the second prize of 2014 National Teaching Achievement Award and the Grand Prize of 2013 Jiangsu Teaching Achievement Award. An article of issue 143 Newsletter of the Ministry of Education 2012 made an elaborate report that our university attaches great importance to the improvement of practice and teaching conditions and students’ practical abilities.
          Play an exemplary role and build an exchange platform for practice and teaching.  Being the pharmacy group leader for ten years, the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Pharmacy of the school has greatly promoted the experimental teaching level of pharmacy/traditional Chinese Medicine nationwide. The school has held three national pharmacy/TCM experimental teaching reform achievement exchange seminars, four national pharmacy/TCM experimental teaching demonstration center joint sessions, three national young backbone teachers training classes and four national pharmacy/TCM experimental competitions. All these activities attract national attention from medical and pharmaceutical colleges and universities and were highly valued by the leaders of Ministry of Education, which have become a specialty and authority event in the field of experimental teaching of pharmacy.  

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