Since the beginning of the enrollment of postgraduates, School of Pharmacy has always been adhering to the principle of “people-oriented, benevolence-cultivated, schooling for public and inheriting for innovation”. The school has created a comprehensive talent cultivation model through reforming training model, optimizing course design and reinforcing practice. 
          Highlight teaching quality with distinguished teachers’ practices. The school has a staff team of 99 postgraduate tutors, including 49 Ph.D. supervisors, 43 master supervisors and 5 part-time tutors. Lead by Chang Jiang Scholar distinguished professors, distinguished young scholars and national distinguished teachers, with young and middle aged postgraduate tutors as the mainstay, the school has built up a innovative teaching team of high academic level, and well-balanced age structure. As the professors have long been in the front lines of postgraduate education, the students are able to enhance their own qualities through learning the professional knowledge and the rigorous attitude on science and noble personality of the professors. Periodically, the school will carry out well acclaimed international academic seminars and lectures on practice guidance of varied themes and patterns.       
             Build school-enterprise cooperative platform for pharmacy talents cultivation. All the way through, the school has been committed to the cooperation with pharmacy enterprises. It collaborates with five enterprises to build Jiangsu Graduate-students Work Station, in which there are 16 students’ tutors, 105 postgraduates and 2 Jiangsu industry professors. For the purpose of cultivating professional master degree students in pharmacy, the school developed practice projects with 49 enterprises, hiring 125 enterprise tutors. Moreover, the school has signed contracts to build off-campus practice base with 5 enterprises. 
             Promote education quality based on advantageous discipline resources. With the resources of national first-class key disciplines, national key laboratories and comprehensive new drug research and development macro-platform, the school provides solid foundation and strong support for postgraduate education. Currently, the school recruits 1,397 full-time graduate students, including 267 doctoral students, on four national key disciplines as pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical analysis and pharmacology. Since 2008, the school has published one national excellent doctoral thesis, 11 excellent doctoral theses of Jiangsu Province, 16 excellent master’s theses of Jiangsu Province and more than 900 SCI articles (300 SCI articles with IF>5), and has won 136 funds from Graduate Scientific Research and Innovation Project of Jiangsu Province.    
               Strengthen academic exchange with oversea universities to broaden research horizons. The school aims to promote students’ independent research ability and quest initiative spirit through academic exchange overseas and domestic academic seminars. Each year, the school will send students to many international renowned universities for academic exchange programs, including Hong Kong University, National University of Singapore, and University of the Pacific. There are many students who have made presentations or wall posters on such international conferences as “Pioneering Biomaterials” Seminar of the US, London Tetrahedron Symposium and Seoul BA/BE General Assembly. 

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