School of Pharmacy currently has an enrollment of 1,803 undergraduate students, offering five undergraduate programs in Science Base of Basic Pharmacy, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Preparation (including Outstanding Engineer Class). Pharmacy in our school is approved as National Characteristic Specialty, “12th Five-year Plan” Key Discipline of Jiangsu Province, “13th Five-year Plan” Brand Specialty of Jiangsu Province and the first that acquired the professional certificate and correlative authentication. Pharmaceutical Preparation is renowned as National Characteristic Specialty, Characteristic Specialty of Jiangsu Province, and is shortlisted in “Cultivation of Outstanding Engineer Project” of Ministry of Education. Medicinal Chemistry is elected as National Characteristic Specialty, and the Science Base of Basic Pharmacy is the reservoir of cultivating talents for nation’s basic science.
Ⅰ. Reform the Model of Cultivating Innovative Pharmaceutical Talents. School of Pharmacy has drawn lessons from years’ teaching practice to explore the model for cultivating pharmaceutical talents. Keeping pace with the development of world’s pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical education, we have developed three models in cultivating research-oriented talents with innovation capability, well-rounded talents applied to China’s situation, and pharmacists serving health industry. We have set a good example for China’s pharmaceutical education institutions by fostering students through the combination of production, teaching and researchl. Moreover, we lead to compile a series of education normative documents, including Norms for Pharmaceutical Undergraduate Programs in National Institutions of Tertiary Education, Pilot Initiative for National Pharmaceutical Undergraduate Program, and National Standards for Teaching Quality of Pharmaceutical Undergraduate Programs.In recent years, the school has won the First Prize of State-level Teaching Award twice, five Teaching Reform projects, and National Basic Science Talents Cultivation Funds sponsored by Natural Science Foundation of China.
Ⅱ. Construct High-level Pharmaceutical Teaching Resources. School of Pharmacy offers superior teaching resources in accordance with our talents’ cultivation model. Major courses are all of high quality, and all the experiment courses are bilingual. Pharmacy program now provides seven national excellent courses (open), one nationalexcellent textbook, and two national planned textbooks. The syllabus and teaching materials have enlightened many other pharmaceutical educational institutions in China.
Ⅲ. Cultivate Pharmaceutical Talents with International Vision. School of Pharmacy has signed cooperative agreement with University of Southern California in all aspects for six years. We have also established cooperative base for talents’ cultivation with Rutgers University, Temple University, University of the Pacific, and Nagasaki University. We have signed cooperative agreement in terms of Pharm.D with many foreign universities famous for pharmacy programs, such as University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, the Ohio State University and the University of Alberta.

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