Campus Life
           School of Pharmacy currently has a students’ affairs team of 13, who are all master degree holders. They are responsible for the education and management of 3,156 students in the school, including 1,834 undergraduate students, 1,033 graduate students, and 289 doctoral students. Under the leadership of the school’s Party Committee, adhering to the school’s motto “Cultivate Virtue, Innovate Pharmacy” and the goal of “Cultivate pharmaceutical elites”, the team constructs the system of educational management and endeavors to train students into versatile talents with strong morality, solid professional knowledge, skilled experiment techniques, elegant humanistic sensibilities and competitive employment capability .
            The students’ affairs team of School of Pharmacy aims at becoming a team characterized by “learning, service and innovation”, explores the practical needs of students’ development, keeps innovating cultivation mechanism and optimizes self-development. Based on the Honor Pharmaceutical Future’ Project to Improve University Students’ Vocational Capability, and Pharmacy Pioneer Project to Improve University Students’ Experiment Skills, with the assistance of the Youth League Committee Branch, Students’ Union, Psychology Association and “Pharmacy Pioneer” workshop for party members, the team has organized various activities to ensure the development of the students, including Graduate Party, “Carnival for Teachers and Students”, “Pioneers Said”, “Simulated Recruitment Contest”, lectures on popular pharmacy and reward of lab our.
             In recent years, under the guidance of leaders at all levels, the students affairs team of School of Pharmacy has made remarkable achievements, such as one “Outstanding Achievement Award for Universities’ Construction of Campus Culture” of Ministry of Education, a Second Prize for “Cases of Innovation with New Media and Culture Carrier by The Communist Youth League in Jiangsu Province”, a Second Prize for Innovation of the Party Building of Universities in Jiangsu Province, and the Best Activities on Party Day of Universities in Jiangsu Province. It is also awarded as “School’s May Forth Red-banner Youth League Committee”, “School’s Advanced Grassroots Party Branch” and “School’s Advanced Labor Union Group” for two consecutive years. Among all the team members, two counselors have been nominated for “Counselor of the Year”, and one counselor’s project has been approved by Ministry of Education as “Outstanding Counselor’s Work Project”, several also have won the title of “Excellent Counselor”, and School’s Advanced Individual in terms of graduates employment, social activities for universities students, youth volunteer work, as well as advertisement for recruitment of students. Besides, they have also presided over and participated in a great many projects, and published in total 11 academic essays on the construction of the Party and students’ ideological and political education.

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