Founded in 1960, Pharmaceutical Analysis was the first discipline of its kind in China and approved to grant master’s degree in Nov. 1981 and doctoral degree in July 1986. Currently, it is the national first-class key disciplines and second-class discipline of Jiangsu universities’ preponderant disciplines (Pharmacy). Professor An Dengkui, a renowned pharmaceutical analysist and the founder of the discipline, compiled Pharmaceutical Analysis in 1966, which was the first teaching material for Pharmaceutical Analysis in China. There have been a great number of distinguished scholars inPharmaceutical Analysis, including Professor Zhang Zhengxing, Wu Jinru, Xiang Bingren, Sheng Longsheng, Jiang Xinru, and Liu Wenying.
             Based on Pharmaceutical Analysis, we have constructed Key Laboratory of Drug Control and Pharmacovigilance—Ministry of Education, Key Laboratory of Drug Quality Consistency Evaluation, National Pharmaceutical Experimental Teaching Model Center, which are the kernel of the National Comprehensive New Drug Research and Development Technology Platform, National Key Laboratory for Natural Active Ingredients and Drug Efficacy, “985” Project Preponderant Disciplines Innovative Platform and Jiangsu Nano Drugs Preparation and Biological Assessment Public Technology Service Center.
             Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis has a faculty of 22 teachers, all of whom are doctor degree holders, including 7 professors, 10 associate professors, and 8 doctoral supervisors. There is one member of Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission, one member of Chinese Veterinary Pharmacopoeia Commission, one specialist in new drug evaluation of China Food and Drug Administration, one member of CFDA Health-care Food Safety and Technical Specification Experts Committee, one reviewer of National Science and Technology Award, one evaluation expert for CFDA Health-care Food, Cosmetics and Veterinary Drug, one member of Pharmaceutical Analysis Professional Committee of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, one Jiangsu Special Professor, two MOE New Century Talents, two Jiangsu “333” project talents, three academic leaders of Jiangsu “Qing-Lan Project”, one leading figure of Jiangsu “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Plan” and one of Jiangsu Six Top Talents. 
 Study Fields of Pharmaceutical Analysis:
Key technology of innovative drug quality control
     2.Study on analysis methods of biopharmaceuticals
     3.Research of biomarkers and diagnosis technology
     4.Study on high-throughput bio-analytical technology
     5.Study on new materials for pharmaceutical analysis
     6.Study on quality modernization of traditional Chinese medicine and metabonomics

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