In the 12th Five-Year Plan, based on our strength in key disciplines, we applied for National “985” Advanced Discipline Innovation Platform organized by the university, and contributed to the construction of “Jiangsu University Dominant Discipline Construction Project” , as well as national key laboratory.
            From 2011 to 2015, the school successfully applied six major new drug discovery projects, one project of Fund for Fostering Talents in Basic Science of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, one key project under National Natural Science Foundation, two Major Research Plans, 61 General Programs under National Natural Science Foundation, 52 projects under National Natural Science Foundation for Young Scientists, six projects of MOE Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University, 15 projects of MOE Research Funds for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education, one Jiangsu High Technology Plan project, 58 Jiangsu Natural Science Foundation projects and three Jiangsu Distinguished Young Scholars programs.
           In the past five years, the school has devoted 154.54 million RMB for Longitudinal Research Funds and 70.03 million RMB for Horizontal Research Funds, which is a recognition for each discipline’s competitiveness and research ability in national major research projects. Moreover, the funding has laid a solid foundation for the development of our key disciplines.
             Research projects led or presided by our teachers were awarded with one National Science and Technology Progress Award and one first prize, two second prizes and two third prizes of Jiangsu Science and Technology Progress Award. 

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