Warm Congratulations on the Selection of the Project Presided by Prof. You Qidong for
    On March 22, “2016 Top Ten Medical Progress / Newsmakers in China” Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing. Ten major medical advances covering basic research and clinical application were selected as “2016 Top Ten Medical Progress in China”. The achievement of “Research and Development and industrialization of Complex Structured Natural Products Anti-tumor Drug” presided by Prof. You Qidong from our School of Pharmacy was among the ranks.
    The selection of “2016 Top Ten Medical Progress / Newsmakers in China” was jointly sponsored by China Science Newspaper, People’s Daily, Headlines Today, Seth Institute of Health Sciences and Medical Science Newspaper, and organized by People’s Health Network, Science Network, Beijing Medical Daily Public Welfare Fund. The panel was composed of academicians in the field of medical and health from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, some hospital deans, university presidents, and association leaders invited, selecting the annual medical progress and newsmakers that promote the development of medical science, play a positive role in promoting national health, and draw wide attention in the whole society.

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