International Open Course by Prof. Xiaochen Gu, Dean of School of Pharmacy, Manitoba University, Canada
    Aiming to enhance the academic excellence of postgraduate students, broaden international vision and improve the quality of postgraduates cultivation, Prof. Xiaochen Gu, Dean of School of Pharmacy, Manitoba University, Canada, at the request of Graduate School, set an international open course under the theme of “Novel Drug Delivery” from Sep. 11th to 13th . It was attended by 27 doctoral, master, undergraduate and international students.
    Prof. Gu has been dedicated to the study of pharmaceutics for many years, and has made remarkable achievements in transdermal, oral cavity and administering oral medication drug delivery system. The open course focused on drug dosage forms and their physical and chemical properties, the design and development of pharmaceutical dosage forms, and the application characteristics of drug dosage forms. It also involved discussion topics on oral administration, parenteral administration, oral / sublingual administration and transdermal administration. Prof. Gu used English throughout the lecture, interacting with the students and guiding them to think deeply, which created a lively atmosphere in the classroom. Finally, tests were given to the students attending the course, and awarded certificates were conferred on those who passed. 
    The international open course of School of Pharmacy helps the students broaden their research horizons, improve their professional qualities and develop their communication and research abilities in the English environment.

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