Prof. Li Lingjun from University of Wisconsin-Madison Being Invited to Deliver an Academic Report
Recently, Dr. Li Lingjun, professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and VILAS Distinguished Achievement Professor, was invited to deliver an academic report entitled “Development of a Multi-faceted Mass Spectrometry-based Platform for Neuroscience and Biomedical Research”. It was presided over by Prof. Feng Fang from School of Pharmacy and was attended by teachers and students of our university and Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Prof. Li Lingjun introduced the application of multi-faceted mass spectrometry-based platform on the research of neuro-science and bio-medicine. The platform probes neuronal signaling with enhanced sensitivity and selectivity. Based on the relationship between neuropetides and different diseases and differential display of neuropeptidomes under different physiological conditions, combining chemical labeling, micro-scale separation, and tandem mass spectrometry sequencing techniques, a large number of novel neuropeptides have been discovered in crustacean nervous systems. Both mass spectrometric imaging technology and in vivo microdialysis sampling tools have been developed and implemented to follow neuropeptide distribution and secretion. The novel use of ion mobility mass spectrometry and vivo micro-dialysis improves peptide identification and quantitation. During the interactive session, Prof. Li Lingjun answered the questions raised by the teachers and students in detail and encouraged students to continually explore the unknown areas of life science.
Prof. Li Lingjun has been dedicated to life analysis science and research of mass-spectrometric technique, which involves neuropeptidomics, proteomics, and metabonomics. She has published over 190 high-level papers of 53 H-index, and has been invited to deliver more than 170 academic presentations. She has won Analytical Chemistry Achievement Award, Career Award of National Science Foundation, Research Award of American Society for Mass Spectrometry, Sloan Research Fellowship Award and 2014 Biemann Medal, and was elected one of the 50 most influential female analytical chemists. Currently, Prof. Li is the president of Chinese American Society for Mass Spectrometry, Chair Professor of Changjiang Scholar Award Program of MOE, committee member of American Society for Mass Spectrometry and Asilomar Conference, board member of US HUPO, and deputy editor of Analytical Methods of Royal Society of Chemistry, and is about to be the deputy editor of Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry in January 2017. 

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