Department of Pharmaceutics Organized 2016 China Pharmaceutical Preparation Conference
Sponsored by Chinese Pharmaceutical Association and China Pharmaceutical Industry Association, organized by Department of Pharmaceutics of China Pharmaceutical University and Professional Committee of Pharmaceutics of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, 2016 China Pharmaceutical Preparation Conference was held from 18th to 20th November at Jinling Hotel, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. It was attended by more than 1.200 experts and scholars in pharmaceutics from home and abroad. The theme of the conference is “The Development of Pharmaceutics and the Innovation of Pharmaceutical Preparation”. In-depth exchanges on the current situation of the development of new pharmaceutical preparation techniques, latest research achievements and future trends of development and challenges have been made by experts, scholars and young and middle-aged pharmaceutical staff from domestic pharmaceutical universities and colleges, research institutes, pharmaceutical enterprises, FDA and CFDA, and renowned scholars from the U.S., Holland, Australia, Japan and so forth.
The opening ceremony of the conference was held on the morning of 19th November at Jinling Hotel of Nanjing. It was presided over by Prof. Zhou Jianping from China Pharmaceutical University. Prof. Wu Xiaoming, vice-president of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, Mr. Pan Guangcheng, president of China Pharmaceutical Industry Association, Prof. Yao Wenbing, vice-president of China Pharmaceutical University, Prof. Lu Weiyue, chief member of Professional Committee of Pharmaceutics of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, and Mr. Hu Yan, vice-president of Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Association addressed the conference respectively. Academician Wang Guangji from China Pharmaceutical University, Prof. Steven P.Schwendeman from University of Michigan, and Prof. Zhang Zhirong from Sichuan University made invited talks for the conference.
The conference consisted of the main venue of reports and six branch venues, including Forum of Basic Pharmaceutics, Forum of Industrial Pharmaceutical Preparation, Forum of Pharmaceutical Excipients and Packaging Materials, Youth Pharmaceutical Forum, Forum of Consistency Assessment and R&D of High-end Preparation, and Postgraduate Forum. More than one hundred experts, professors and outstanding postgraduates from colleges and universities, research institutes, and well-known enterprises worldwide introduced the latest progress in their fields. The conference also displayed 140 wall posters, and voted 8 Youth Pharmaceutical Preparation Awards, 6 Winning Prizes of Postgraduate Forum, and 15 Outstanding Wall Poster Awards.


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