School of Pharmacy Organized Roundtable Conference for Nobel Laureate Barry J. Marshall and China Pharmaceutical University Young Scholars
On the afternoon of 15th November 2016, School of Pharmacy organized roundtable conference for Prof. Barry. J. Marshall, Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine 2005, who shared his research experience, and teachers and students from China Pharmaceutical University. It was attended by Mr. Shi Zhixiang, deputy dean of International Exchange and Cooperation Office, Prof. Yin Lifang, vice dean of School of Pharmacy, and 18 representatives of teachers and students.
The roundtable conference was held in the form of question and answer, which offered our teachers and students a face-to-face contact and exchange with the Nobel laureate. Prof. Marshall responded humorously to the questions raised by teachers and students. He stressed that it was persistence that matters on the road of research. Even though his conclusion of the relationship between helicobacter pylori and gastric ulcer was not accepted in the first place, he sticked to his belief until he succeeded. He also encouraged the students to be courageous and resourceful, and urged them to treat research with persistence, which inspired all the teachers and students present.
Dr. Warshall took pictures with the teachers and students and motivated them by saying, "Young people must possess curiosity and patience, which allows you to touch every facet of science. There may be many Nobel Laureates in future China. It could be the one next to you."

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