Senior Lead Researcher from Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Being Invited to Deliver Academic Report
Recently, Dr. Yin Xiaotian, a senior lead researcher from Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, was invited for academic exchange by School of Pharmacy, and gave an academic report entitled “Polymorphism and Amorphism of Drugs”. It was presided over by Prof. Yin Lifang, vice-dean of School of Pharmacy.
Dr. Yin Xiaotian received his PhD in Solid-State Chemistry from University of Waterloo, Canada. Currently, Dr. Yin is a Senior Principal Scientist and the group leader of Form Chemistry group at Bristol-Myers Squibb Company. His research interests include pharmaceutical polymorphic form studies, pre-formulation/ formulation work, API crystallization, nanomaterials for drug delivery, physical characterizations of pharmaceutical substances and powder X-ray diffraction applications in pharmaceutical sciences. The report mainly focused on polymorphism and amorphism of drugs. Based on practical cases, Prof. Yin Xiaotian analyzed some scientific problems and relevant policies and regulations, and introduced considerations on solid form of drugs in new drug development and some suggestions and solutions to the problems.
After the report, teachers and students present had a heated discussion with Dr. Yin Xiaotian.

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