Prof. Sarah Hamm-Alvarez and Pro. Wei-Chiang Shen from USC School of Pharmacy Set International Open Course at Our University
To strengthen the postgraduate education, deepen the teaching reform, promote school-running standards, enhance the international level of postgraduate courses, Prof. Wei-Chiang Shen, vice-dean of USC School of Pharmacy, and Prof. Sarah F. Hamm-Alvarez, vice-dean of USC School of Medicine, set a three day international open course for master and doctoral students of our university under the theme of “Peptide and Protein Drugs”.
Pro. Wei-Chiang Shen and Prof. Sarah Hamm-Alvarez have made remarkable achievements in the research of peptide and protein drugs. They introduced the latest progress in the research of the release system of peptide and protein drugs, shared their experiences and reflections of their own scientific research, and explained the key factors in the development of peptide and protein drugs through case studies. The course consisted of six topics, “Introduction: Issues in the development of peptide and protein drugs”, “Peptide and protein drug transport -- endocytosis and transcytosis”, “Peptide and protein drug delivery -- non-targeting”, “Peptide and protein drug delivery -- targeting”, “Fusion proteins -- production and application” and “Pharmacokinetics of protein drugs”. There was also a panel discussion on “Cell-Penetrating Peptides” and “Elastin-Like Peptides”.



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