Prof. David Oupicky from UNMC College of Pharmacy Set International Open Course at Our University
To enhance the academic excellence of postgraduate students, broaden international vision and improve the quality of postgraduates cultivation, Prof. Parke-Davis from UNMC College of Pharmacy and Dr. David Oupicky, Changjiang Scholar Chair Professor of MOE, set an international open course at Xuanwumen Campus under the theme of “Advanced Topics in Pharmaceutical Sciences”.
Prof. David Oupicky has been dedicated to the study of pharmaceutics for many years, and has made remarkable achievements in nano-preparation and multifunctional biological materials synthesis. The course made a detailed and in-depth explanation of the basic issues and applications of pharmaceutics. The elements of pharmaceutics mainly focused on “ADME process”, “Drug Absorption”, “Drug Distribution” and “Drug Targeting”. The application of pharmaceutics included such topics as “Interaction of nanoparticles with cells” and “Pharmaceutical polymers”. The participants of the open course involve not only master and doctoral students, but also undergraduate students and international students. Prof. David Oupicky adopted the typical American teaching style, interacting with the students and guiding them to think deeply, which created a lively atmosphere in the classroom. Finally, Prof. David Oupicky gave tests to the students attending the course, and awarded certificates to those who  passed the tests.

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