School of Pharmacy Lead Work Arrangement Meeting of National Pharmacy Discipline Evaluation
In order to implement the spirit and content of fourth round national discipline evaluation, make clear the responsibilities and requirements, on the morning of 29th April, led by School of Pharmacy, the work arrangement meeting of Pharmacy Discipline Evaluation was held at Xuanwumen Campus. It was presided by Prof. Hao Haiping, Dean of School of Pharmacy, and was attended by Prof. Qi Lianwen, director of Department of Personnel, Prof. Xu Guofeng, vice-dean of Graduate School, Prof. Yang Yong, vice-dean of Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hao Kun, director of 2011 Office, Prof. You Qidong, director of Academic Committee of School of Pharmacy, and Prof. Di Bin, vice-dean of School of Pharmacy.
Dean Hao Haiping introduced the key aspects of the fourth round discipline evaluation, and made arrangements for the evaluation of Pharmacy discipline. He stressed that discipline evaluation was of vital importance to the construction of “Double First-rate”. We should adhere to the principle of being practical and realistic and reasonable optimization, be familiar with the policy, make best use of the advantages and bypass the disadvantages, make full participation, and allocate a specific duty to a specific person. Based on disciplinary orientation, talent cultivation and research direction, we should display the strengths and characteristics of Pharmacy discipline in the evaluation, use evaluation to foster discipline construction and improve the quality and core competence of Pharmacy discipline.
The meeting also made detailed arrangements of the work for evaluation, and made clear the application standards and writing formats to increase efficiency and effect.


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