School of Pharmacy Held Launching Ceremony and Symposium of “Four Departments and One Center”
On the morning of 10th April, the launching ceremony and symposium of “Four Departments and One Center” was held at Lecture Hal 107 of Academic Exchange Center of Xuanwumen Campus. It was attended by Yao Wenbing, vice-president of China Pharmaceutical University, He Langchong, vice-dean of School of Medicine of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Zeng Su, director of Institute of Drug Metabolism and Pharmaceutical Analysis Zhejiang University, Hu Fuqiang, vice-dean of Ocean College Zhejiang University, Ding Ke, dean of College of Pharmacy Jinan University, Yu Ying, researcher of Institute for Nutritional Sciences, SIBS, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and all faculty members of School of Pharmacy. The launching ceremony was presided over by Zhu Hong, vice secretary of Party Committee.
At the beginning of the ceremony, Dean Hao Haiping announced the appointment of the director/vice-director of the departments and center of School of Pharmacy. Vice-president Yao Wenbing presented each department with a bronze plaque. Secretary of Party Committee Zhu Hong and Dean Hao Haiping issued the letters of appointment to the director and vice-director of each department. Vice-dean Li Zhiyu and Yin Lifang issued letters of appointment to the director assistant and group leader of Labor Union of the departments and center.
Vice-president Yao Wenbing made an important speech. On behalf the university, he congratulated the establishment of “Four Departments and One Center” of School of Pharmacy, and expressed his gratitude to the teachers and students who had sweated in the preparation work. He hoped that School of Pharmacy could seize the opportunity, make the best use of the discipline supporting system of the university, make active innovation in the aspects of the construction of discipline connotation and platform, talent cultivation and teaching design, research atmosphere building and direction focus, faculty team integration and talent introduction. Based on a long-term vision and comprehensive planning, School of Pharmacy should coordinate various relationships for the development of the school.
The brochure, badge and motto of School of Pharmacy were also released at the launching ceremony. Secretary of Party Committee Zhu Hong elaborated the design of the badge and the connotation of the motto, and explained the plan of culture construction during the 13th Five-year Plan.
Dean Hao Haiping signed responsibility guarantee for laboratory safety and environment protection with the directors of the four departments and one center, which raised the consciousness and made the responsibilities explicit.
After the launching ceremony, five experts delivered exciting academic reports and interacted with the teachers and students present.
The establishment of “Four Departments and One Center” of School of Pharmacy has a profound meaning and influence, as it echos with the 80th anniversary of our university and the first year of the 13th Five-year Plan. School of Pharmacy will take this opportunity, facilitate the accurate development of discipline, integrate resources of the society, and make new progress in every aspects of the school.

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